Together, we are going to create an unprecedented movement to tell Washington, D.C. that the government belongs to everyone, including people with autism, cerebral palsy, and other neurological differences. That means

Our Goals

  1. Transition the United States to a single-payer healthcare system to ensure that everyone has access to the services they need, even if they are considered “higher-functioning”
  2. Invest more in institution to community living transitions through Money Follows the Person (MFP) to ensure that everyone has a chance to live in their community
  3. Make K-12 sexual education a priority for everyone with a disability to make sure they know their sexual rights.
  4. Increase federal spending on special education so that it meets its obligation to cover 40% of special education expenses
  5. Ensure that every person with autism and cerebral palsy have access to jobs that pay at least $15 an hour
  6. Push every advocacy organization to employ the people they are representing so that they make up fifty percent of the organization
  7. Ensure that people with disabilities will not lose government benefits if they choose to work
  8. Make sure that every immigrant with a disability can receive medical services in the United States, regardless of whether or not they are undocumented
  9. Push federal and local governments to fund programs that train police officers how to communicate with and help people with disabilities
  10. End funding for fruitless research seeking to cure autism and putting those funds towards research on best care practices