My name is Jordan Gemilere and I believe that the suffering of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is not an inevitable tragedy. I believe that it is possible to build a just world for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We can provide them with the services that they need, we can live with them side-by-side as brothers and sisters, and we can ensure that all of them achieve their full potential.

The reason for why I value neurodiversity is because I grew up with what was formerly defined as Asperger’s Syndrome. It is a condition that I am proud of. But other people with neurological differences are the reason for why I have become passionate about neurodiversity issues. I have met so many people with neurological differences who have so much to offer. Whether it is emotional intelligence, logical reasoning, long-term memory, or a mixture of qualities, people with neurological differences have diverse traits that give them the potential to make this world a better place. I firmly believe that neurodiversity is a critical step in solving many of the ‘larger’ issues, such as climate change, that pose a threat to every individual. That is why I have joined the fight for inclusion.